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chrisrhoden's osfolio

chrisrhoden has a new portfolio site which lists some of his proprietary work, which is available at You should probably check it out.

Hello! chrisrhoden is using github to manage his open-source and publicly maintained software.

Unfortunately, github does not currently have a good way to mark projects with different levels of completeness. Rather than develop in a cave, chrisrhoden has opted to use this page to clearly mark which projects should be considered well-developed and which are rather pie-in-the-sky, silly ideas that he has had and created repositories to chip away at.

The following projects are in early planning:

The following projects are good enough that chrisrhoden has run them for personal use:

The following are still under heavy, active development:

The following projects were specifically created for chrisrhoden's use:

Most of these projects include a README file (shown by default at the bottom of a github project's main page) which explains the purpose of a given project, as well as installation and basic use when appropriate.

All of chrisrhoden's projects on github are free to redistribute and modify. Some projects include code written by others, and this will be noted in the NOTICE file usually included with a project. You should totally fork a project if you think it's cool.

None of chrisrhoden's code is offered with any warranty of any kind, and no guarantee is made to it's stability and suitability for a production environment. chrisrhoden still thinks it's all pretty neat, though.